Sweet traditions, innovative flavors

About DV's Sweets

Our Journey

It all began with simple birthday cakes for family and friends. Our founder, Desiree Villescaz, discovered a love for baking and a knack for adding a creative twist to every recipe. As her skills improved, so did the variety of her confections, leading to the creation of DV's Sweets.

Over the years Desiree moved beyond cakes to master the art of macaron making. Today our shop offers an exciting variety of sweets including cake pops, brownies, and our specialty, macarons which come in a wide array of unique flavors.

Our Mission

To combine the comfort of traditional baking with the excitement of innovative flavors. We believe all our treats should provide joy, connect people, and create memorable experiences.

Our Unique Offerings

What sets us apart is our dedication to crafting unique flavor profiles. Our standout flavors, such as pistachio, ube, and horchata,are a testament to our love for innovation and taste exploration. We also pride ourselves in following strict food safety guidelines and using only the highest quality ingredients to ensure every bite is a delightful, and safe, experience.

Made with Love in the Bay Area

From our home base in the Bay Area we continue to share our products by participating in local pop-up events and by fulfilling local custom orders.